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    Will Filemaker Pro 13 help our situation



      Will Filemaker Pro 13 help our situation


      Hi.  I'm a user of a product based on Filemaker 11.  Our business subscribes to this product over the web.  We may have 120 of our 200+ users online at any one time, serving our 5000+ clients.  The big issue for us seems to be a daily schedule of appointments.  Once too many of our users get into the system, the whole thing slows down for all users.  Simple functions like switching to a different form or tab may take several minutes.  Opening the calendar could take 15 minutes.  Logging into the system could take 30.  Our vendor thinks that upgrading to Filemaker 13 could help because 13 can make use of hardware resources that 11 cannot.  And, the upgrade will take 45 days.

      Sorry for being so vague, but I don't want to blast this vendors name/product in a forum.

      If this is too little information, just say so and I'll drop it.

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          Sorry.  My question is whether this sounds reasonable.  And, are there any questions to be asked that might help us to understand why the upgrade would take that long?

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            Filemaker 12 was a major upgrade from 11 and 13 has several improvements over 12.  Filemaker also had a price increase in the licensing of Filemaker 13.  Filemaker 13 has a lot of features 11 does not, with that being said that does not mean upgrading to 13 will improve your connection speeds. Several factors go in to the speed of the system.   The main performance increase will come from the server and the connect speed, but poorly writing code can slow down a system too.  I do believe 13 is a worth while upgrade as a user.  I have no idea what your software provider will charge and I'm sure there will be a price increase, so only someone from your company can decide if it is worth the money.  Question I would ask is :

            1) What computer is this databases being hosted?
            2) What are the specs of this computer?
            3) What is the speed connection to the database?
            4) Do they guarantee a speed increase if you upgrade? 
            5) Do they have 5 clients that have upgraded that you can call about their experience and to verify if they believe it was worth the upgrade?

            Good Luck

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              1.  They host for us and are very tight with information.  They have told us that they recently upgraded to a new "digital" server, but have not given us any other details.

              2. see above

              3. We have several sites.  Main site (100 users) is 20mbps, two other sites (25 users each) is 10mbps.  We have 40 users in the field using wireless cards. 

              4. They make no guarantee for improved performance

              5. They have made no upgrades and will not connect us with other clients with whom to compare user experience.

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                And thank you sooo much for responding.


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                  Your database may be on it's own server, or it may share the server with other subscribers.
                  If you share with others, they may take more money and give you a dedicated server?

                  You have done the Google for them and their service?
                  Do they have FAQs or help forum or salespeople that may be more forthcoming?

                  Are there images in the database?  Do you have a coworker or friend that has a faster internet connection that you could test the connection speed. During the day and at night when few users would be connected?

                  Is the speed problem comparable for both locations and the wireless users, day and night?

                  Are they local and could you have a tour of their server farm?

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                    I would investigate a new software provider.

                    You didn't give any details what line of business you are in, so I don't know if you need a custom system or could use a pre-built system.

                    Information on pre-built system, which there may be more available in your field,


                    I have not use RCC  but I have look at their  fmstartingpoint

                    http://www.fmstartingpoint.com/            http://rcconsulting.com/




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                      Thank you DavidAnders for responding as well.

                      We are on our own server now.

                      They do not have a forum and their workers direct us back to the same people.

                      There are .pdf files stored in the system, but no other image files.

                      Speeds are approximately the same from all sites.  They vary by time and day of week.  Middle of the week if very slow, Mondays and Fridays are much improved.  Time of day is also a factor, morning hours are worse than afternoon and system performs optimally after business hours.

                      They are not local.  They have clients across the country and smaller companies seem to have no trouble.

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                        I don't believe updating to 13 will help your issue.  I believe the problem is with the server and the connection speed  The connection speed will slow down with the more simultaneous connections and the larger the databases.   13 will add features you don't currently have and there are some new script step introduces (after 11) such as executesql that can speed up parts of the database, but I don't think that would help that much.  I would still try to obtain information about the server and the number of t1 or faster lines they have coming into your server.

                        For a large company, it may be just as cost effective to setup your own server and host yourself, if this is an option if not can you have a different hosting service to host the database?  

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                          Given your responses, it is unlikely a transition to FMP 13 will do much.

                          If you can get the specifications of the hardware your database is hosted on, an upgrade to SSD may help.

                          The speeds of days and times, indicate it is their connection to the internet and the number of clients that make the difference.

                          There are FMP groups about optimization that may be of interest.

                          Realizing that this will probably gradually become worse, investigating and preparing for other options would be wise.