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Will Filemaker Pro 13 help our situation

Question asked by JohnN. on Nov 26, 2014
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Will Filemaker Pro 13 help our situation


Hi.  I'm a user of a product based on Filemaker 11.  Our business subscribes to this product over the web.  We may have 120 of our 200+ users online at any one time, serving our 5000+ clients.  The big issue for us seems to be a daily schedule of appointments.  Once too many of our users get into the system, the whole thing slows down for all users.  Simple functions like switching to a different form or tab may take several minutes.  Opening the calendar could take 15 minutes.  Logging into the system could take 30.  Our vendor thinks that upgrading to Filemaker 13 could help because 13 can make use of hardware resources that 11 cannot.  And, the upgrade will take 45 days.

Sorry for being so vague, but I don't want to blast this vendors name/product in a forum.

If this is too little information, just say so and I'll drop it.