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Will the new Filemaker work for me?

Question asked by pixelpete on Feb 1, 2010
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Will the new Filemaker work for me?


Greetings, I'm a long time filemaker user, back to the olden daze. I made a nice classroom roster database and a few other databases. I'm not a corporate user, and the school I teach at does not have FM pro installed on any of the Macs that I use in the labs in which I teach. I don't have a laptop, as I use the teacher Mac in the labs in which I teach. In the past, I used FM 6 and 7 and have had no problem running the application from an external drive or memory stick, via the host Mac. All that changed with FMpro9. I can no longer run the application from an external HD or memorystick. I talked to tech support, and asked if my long run with filemaker has come to an end. The net publishing feature has never worked for me, as I am a primarily a home based user running behind a hub and router via Comcast. My IT people at the University suggest that using FMpro9's server capabilities would violate the terms of use with comcast, something about running a server on their network, I didn't really understand the implications, anyway I have never been able to get a stable connection to the database away from home anyway I tried... So if FMpro10 won't run from an external HD, or memory stick, it looks like I have to find some other application to keep track of my data. Bento is not attractive to me due to it's (rumored to me) iPhoto like data structure. Any suggestions out there for me?

Thanks, Pete