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    Window and Mac



      Window and Mac


      Is there a way to make the Window Solution look like it does on the Mac, It looks so good on the Mac, with the solution fit nice in one window, and on windows it is a window in a window....


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          We've been complaining about the "window inside a window" interface on windows systems for years....sad

          You can request this as a feature request if you want: http://www.filemaker.com/company/contact/feature_request.html

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            Wow, Thanks for the info....  sad


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              It is possible to merge the FileMaker Window into the Application window by maximizing windows, but this then limits you to only one window open in the solution. Should you open a new window, all the windows resize and are once again enclosed in a separate application window.

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                I could live with one window at a time, if we can remove the min, max and close  buttons from the inside window... 

                Any thoughts on that?

                Thanks for the replies....

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                  If you use New Window to open a new window, there are "advanced window options" that you can specify that remove those controls. So, in theory, a script that performs OnFirstWindowOpen, can open such a new window, close the original window and then maximize windows (Script step is named Adjust Window).

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                    I tried the link to the "feature request" page. You fill out the form, then it tells you after you did all that work that that site is down. It was down yesterday. It is down today. I fully agree with the views above. Here is my take on this:

                    This is completely unacceptable. Unbelievable actually. The Windows version of the product uses an MDI (Window in a Window) interface. Even the Microsoft website recommends NOT using this. To quote the Microsoft MSDN website, it says: "[Many new and intermediate users find it difficult to learn to use MDI applications. Therefore, you should consider other models for your user interface. However, you can use MDI for applications which do not easily fit into an existing model.]"

                    DO NOT DO THIS!

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                      I've contacted someone at Filemaker and asked them for info about the Feature Request Page. I saw a report that it was down a few days ago, but assumed that they would have had it back up by now. I'll book mark this thread and report back if I get any news about it.

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                        Thank you Phil. I appreciate you looking into this.

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                          Interesting, I guess that I did not realize that, since in the past I only made solutions for myself on my Mac. How ever, now that I have several clients and all are using  Windows platform and a few clients with FileMaker Server, it is a real a real pain in the butt.

                          I did try to add to feature request page with no luck, will try again now...

                          I hope the can change this without waiting for Version 15, would be super to see it very soon...

                          Thanks for the info Douglas and Phil.

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                            Still won't add anything to the feature request page.

                            I guess we need a feature request to fix the feature request page...


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                              I've made a post about this over in FeedBack. My sources tell me that this page is down and won't be back up for a while, if ever. That leaves FeedBack as the only real place to discuss the future of FileMaker Inc products.

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                                OMG, I tried the new window thing, that is awful at best.  Now I know why I never did filemaker for windows.....  Is there a plugin out there that will do what Filemaker won't?


                                Please Help!



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                                  What made it so awful? (I can guess, but with that response, I can then share the steps that I take to minimize the problem on windows systems.)

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                                    Yeah, it maybe annoying, but is it really that ugly. A screen shot (sensitive info blocked) of a runtime solution running in a virtual machine   with Windows 8, from MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013).

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