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Window in seperate thread?

Question asked by bronie12345 on Oct 8, 2012
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Window in seperate thread?


     Although the post title might be confusing, here's the point:
     During an HTTP request done with PHP_SmartPill, my database (including all other databases which are open) freeze.
     Yes, I know this is due to Filemaker 11.0v3 Pro Advanced being single-core programs. The main question I want to ask here is:
     Is there a way to run a script in a seperate thread?
     In the worst case, I want to know how you can give Filemaker an interrupt thinking the external program (extension) is finished, without closing the external program. This way I can build some triggers for filemaker, just asking if it is finished yet instead of having to wait with work until the complete script finishes.

     So if needed, I will create an extension to do so, but if anyone around here knows of some technique or extension which can, I'd be delighted.


     Sorry for being unclear, and thanks in advance,