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Question asked by JoshPoplawski on Jan 13, 2012
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Window Script Help


I have a layout with portals. I have turned one field in the portal records into a button, so that each record in the portal field has a button that affects it.

I want the button to open a new window that displays another layout of that record (one that has been designed with buttons and scripts to allow users to edit the record appropriately).

The new window should be smaller and ontop of the previous layout (which should stay maximized), like what happens when you do a custom dialog box.

I keep running into this error!

(Thank you windows %$#@!)

Here is my script:

 Set Window Title [Current Window; New Title: "Leave Sheet"]

Set Variable [$LeaveSerial; Value: Leave Records_LS::Serial Number for Leave Request]

New Window [Name: "Leave Management"; Height: 375; Width: 800; Top:50; Left 200]

View As [View as Form]

Go to Layout ["BC Leave Decision Roster" (Leave Records)]

Perform Find [Restor]

Arange All Windows [Cadcade Window]

Select Window [Name: "Leave Sheet"; Current file]

Adjust Window [Maximize]

Select Window [Name: "Leave Management";Current file]

Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]

However when this script runs the "Leave Sheet" window is still not maximized and if i maximize it manually it stays in front of the "Leave Management" window and hides it. I want the "Leave Sheet" to stay maximized in the background so it can be seen while the "Leave Management" is like a popup  window on top (as if it where a custom dialog box)

Any ideas? thanks!