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    window size



      window size


      I just upgraded from FM 12 Adv to FM 14 Adv 64 bit. However, when I open a file that I created on FM 12 it is larger than the screen. I have to zoom it down to 75% to view it. How can I control this?


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          Check to see if the "enlarge window contents to improve visibility" is set.

          Check the Windows Display Control Panel and make very sure that it's set to 100% (There's a bug that screws up displays if this is not set.)

          I think I recall that there was a display change from 12 to 13 on windows systems that can change how a window scales so this may be a case where you'll need to either script in an automatic window zoom or redesign your layout to get it back into correct size.

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            Thanks for the tip. The Display was set for 125%. I set it to 100% and FM works fine now.

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              I found that if I change the Windows Display to 100% FM 14 displays ok, but it screws up my Windows Display-especially font sizes, and even in some applications. So I’ve changed the setting back to 125%. I have been using Filemaker for many, many years and have been updating when new versions came out. I’ve never had this problem before. I’ve used FM 9, 10, 11, and 12 at this setting on Win 7 64 bit and they always worked fresh out of the box. I will call tech support and see if there is a fix. If not, I’ll return FM 14 Adv and get my money back. For me, the new features are not worth the aggravation.