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    Window sizing



      Window sizing


      How do I stop a window sizing from just resizing the files window and leaving the FMP window as is.

      It is a single file solution using FMP 11 Adv.

      Do I open the original file in its own window?


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          Windows OS?

          Windows with the windows maximized?

          What exactly are you doing, using New window or Go To Related Records to open a new window?

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            Windows OS 7

            Im going to various layouts and adjusting the window size for each layout.

            No new windows.

            The FM application window remains the same size and the database file window changes.

            I dont remember this happening in FMP 10 (of course I was using 10 on a mac at the time)


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              The only case where I've seen this happen is when opening a new window takes the system out of the windows Maximized state, but then I usually keep only one to two windows open and visible at the same time--with one window serving as a small modal dialog floating in front of the other. So maybe I just haven't encountered this issue.