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    Window/Field Behavior



      Window/Field Behavior


      Im transitioning from a general filemaker user to our offices' designated administrator and general maintenance guy so hopefully this post will make sense. We are having two specific problems. One is effecting all users and the other is specific to a single user.

      1) We have a few fields that exhibit the following behavior. When a user enters data then hits enter or clicks out of the field the page will jump from the section they are working in to the top of the page.  This is happening with all users (both Mac and PC). Any suggestions on how to fix this?

      2)  When entering a new recored the screen minimizes entirely. The user clicks the new recored icon and before a blank recored is displayed a separate popup window ask the user to enter an id. When the user hits enter the separate popup window quits as its suposed to but the new blank record minimizes entirely. This actions is specific to our Admissions person who enters all new records. She is on a PC and is the only  one experiencing this problem. Any ideas?


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          Howdy trudger95,

          welcome to both the forum and your situation...I'm the default Dbase guy too (though you won't find a "certified" tag under my name...perhaps only certifiable)


          The first issue you list seems like a tab order thing.  FMP lets you define what field you want the cursor to go to next and it hops there on it's own.  In layout mode, under the layout dropdown, click on "Set Tab Order".  You'll see the "jumping" order.  See if the field at the top of the page isn't numbered.  If so, simply delete the number in it and see if that fixes your whole issue.


          The second issue sounds like a script running only for one user.  In layout mode, see what the "New Record Icon" is set up to do.  I think you might find that it runs a whole script looking at people's Account Names and doing something different for your admissions person's AccountName.  Before you delete this feature...make sure you understand why it was put there in the first place...scripts are handy, but can be very dangerous to delete in unknown databases...

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            Thank you for your post.


            The answers provided by Ninja should be considered (Thank you!).


            Regarding the first issue, this should not happen unless you have a script that somehow pauses for your entry, and when finished, it continues.  In no way, if you press Enter, should the screen shift to the top.


            Can you tell us more about which version of FileMaker Pro you are using?  What kind of computer?  Operating System?  This may also help determine possible causes.



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              I am nit-picking (sorry, but sometimes it's the small things!), but if the data-entry to the field is done via a pop-up menu (and I accept none was mentioned here), would it not jump to the top of the screen if that's where the next tab was?



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                Yes, it could jump to the top of the screen if you tab.  However, trudger95 mentioned that this happens when they click outside of the field or press Enter key, and that would not jump you to the top of the screen.


                Good observation though!



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                  thanks ninja. i reset the tab order and that solved the first issue.


                  TSGal: as for the second issue. I am the only one in our dept running FM 10 Advanced. Im on a mac running leopard. All other users are running FM 9 (and split btw Mac and PC users). The second issue does have a pause (so the user can enter an ID number for the new record into the popup window). The user who is having issue is running FM 9 on windows XP. I took your suggestion and ran script debugger though im not even close understanding scritps at the moment. Anyway, it did give me an error code of 400 (find criteria are empty) on two lines of the script. Im not sure what that means. The popup window for entering id gives the user 2 options.They can.... 1) enter an id if the applicant has alrady has a id number on file or.... 2) proceed without id. In this case FM generates its own id begining with T. Once an id number is generated then the user simply updates FM. 



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                    Glad Ninja was able to help you on the first issue.


                    If the find criteria is empty, then it appears the generating of the ID beginning with T is not working properly.  It sounds like the second option is being taken (proceed without id), and the Find script step is being executed.


                    Prior to the Find script step, you may want to insert the script step:


                    Set Error Capture [On]


                    After the Find, insert:


                    If [Get (LastError) = 400 ]

                       Show Dialog [ "Title" ; "No records criteria entered" ]

                    End If


                    That is, if no record criteria is entered, this will display a dialog box (in this example).  Instead, choose the steps you want to perform if no criteria is entered.


                    Try this out and see if this helps narrow down the problem.



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                      Thanks for all comments/suggestions.


                      TSGal: I tried your fix but the behaviour repeted itself. Not sure if this makes a difference but the devlopers scripting seems uniqe and involved (which is how the whole DB looks to me in general at this point) so im going to save myself a headache  and send the problem back to him.  Plent of more questions to post tomorrow..


                      Thanks all for the help.