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Windows - Problems Logging In.

Question asked by scotiadallas on Feb 25, 2010
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Windows - Problems Logging In.


Hello All,


Here's the scoop:


1. I have an outsourced employee that is trying to connect to a Filemaker 10 database that is being hosted remotely.  


A) She's running Windows (XP Home with Service Pack 3).  

B) She has installed Filemaker, entered serial, etc. and installed.  Everything went fine.  

C) She installed Bonjour.



2. I have set her up with a username and password.  When she tried to login she enters the username and password correctly, clicks "ok" but nothing happens.  No warning screens, nothing.  It just stays at the same screen.  We have triple checked that everything is correct and she is not making an entry error.


I have gone to another computer, typed in her username and password and everything is good - it logs in right away.  This being said, it looks like it's something to do with her computer, firewall, network, ports, etc. etc??  I really have no idea as I'm not a Windows person.


Does anyone have any idea why she may not be able to connect?  I searched for relevant threads and I may not have been using the correct keyword to find the answers.  Does anyone have any suggestion?


Thanks in advance...