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Windows 7 64 bit Installation incompatibility workaround?

Question asked by disabled_toddlanden on Sep 30, 2012
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Windows 7 64 bit Installation incompatibility workaround?


     We are creating a runtime solution in both FMP 11 and FMP 12.


     When opening the program on Windows 7 64 bit computer, the program starts to open and gets to our Registration Field to enter a code, and when you try to enter a code a dialogs says "This field is not modiable" or "This action cannot be performed"..........The user then has to go to the .exe file, and right-click, and go to Properties to check the checkbox..."Run this program as XP compatible (service pack 3).   Then reopen the program and it works fine from that point on.


     We are creating the runtime on an Windows 7 32 bit computer - by the way.

     However, even when installing FileMaker Pro 11 on a Windows 7, 64 bit computer before opening our multi-user solution, the program will not open unless you perform the same steps above on FileMaker's executable file.


     This is slowing down potential customer evaluation and in some cases the customers think that FMP or our solution is not truly Windows 7 64 bit compatible and do not proceed with their evaluation further -


     There must be a better solution for this? 



     Would appreciate some good advice. Thank you in advance.