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Windows 7 and filemaker server 11

Question asked by StmStm on Jul 19, 2010
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Windows 7 and filemaker server 11


I am trying to run FileMaker 11 Server on a Windows 7 Professional Dell Desktop.  The installation of the server and admin console worked fine.  I also imported a copy of my database from my FM10 Server box.  I installed the FileMaker 11 client on the same Windows 7 box as the server and was able to access the startup scripts.

However, when I install the FileMaker 11 client on a different machine, I can see the FileMaker Server 11 instance, but I cannot see the startup scripts.  I have shared the Filemaker folder and can see the database through the map network drive function.  So it looks like the sharing is working ok.

I am eager to get this Filemaker server installation going as it is holding up an enterprise server upgrade  until I can get it relocated.

All suggestions welcome.

Gary Olmsted