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    Windows 7 Back up



      Windows 7 Back up


      I have about 10 or so fmp12 files, created with version 13.  Some of these are shared with a coworker.  Those shared, I want to leave open on my system all the time.  It is just the two of us using these files.  

      I want to use Windows Backup to back up the directory of these files to an external drive on my machine.  The first day I did this, it did not back up.  I have googled that the Backup for Windows7 can backup open files, but it did not work.  

      Can I confirm with any one that this is so with FileMaker files?    All of the data can be reproduced from out accounting system, with some work that I do not want to have to repeat.

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          Even if if worked, it would not be a good idea. Backing up an open FileMaker file can produce a back up copy that is damaged. Use a script with Save A Copy As to save a copy of the file. Then, set your back up software to back up this back up if you need to do so.