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Windows 7 Freezing, Stalling, Whatever

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Sep 13, 2011
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Windows 7 Freezing, Stalling, Whatever


 I have been plagued by Windows Seven dying when I am using a Remote file on a shared host. I thought it was a problem with the serer, etc. but today I seem to have found a different possibility. It seems that on a slower connection the default setting for scripted buttons is the culprit. The choice is Pause and when I get anxious and click the button several times I think what is happening is that I am doing just that, pausing and pausing and pausing until crunch... This doesn't happen locally... I don't remember having the problem with a button that goes to a layout, just one that runs a script that may take longer than the time between my clicks. For instance, the script takes 4 seconds by I lose patience at 2 seconds and click again, then again, and again until Windows gives up and turns white and says "What the heck?" If I am right, then changing the default from Pause to Halt might work better since the anxiety clicks halt the script rather than pausing it. I also wonder if there is an issue of Filemaker needing a bit of work to engineer out this problem. It could instead be a stack overflow or some other internal issue. Any ideas?