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    Windows 7 Professional Filemaker Pro V8.5



      Windows 7 Professional Filemaker Pro V8.5


       I have been using Filemaker Pro V8.5 and have just purchased two new computers that have Windows 7 Professional on them for the oeprating system.  The V8.5 loaded and appears to work fine on the individual machine but it doesn't appear that the file sharing between machines will work does any one know if I have to upgrade to release 11 if I am using Windows 7 Professional to allow for file sharing?

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          What have you done in your attempts to enable sharing?

          What kind of "file sharing" between the two computers do you need?

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             I knew to this forum and not sure about the correct way to respond to questions but here it goes.  I have a two windows XP profesional PC's that have filemaker Pro 8.5 installed and on one machine I have two databases that share information for a non-profit volunteer firefighters association.  One database has the membership information that includes all of the address, telephone and which fire department they belong to.  The other database is a fire department database t hat lists all of the information about their fire department, address, which district we have assigned them to.  WIth the current file sharing of Filemaker Pro8.5 I have another copy of the software on the second XP PC and via fial sharing two people can add and update the single databases on the master machine.  I can not get file sharing to work between the new Wiondows & professional machine and the XP Professional machine.  When I open the data base on the windows 7 machine I get a file stack error.  I have a second new computer that I also has windows 7 professional on it and I plan to transfer my files from the XP machines to the windowss 7 machines but want to know if I need to purchase Filemaker Pro 11 to allow the ablility to share and up date databases between computers.  Am I missing something in the Windows 7 set up that is blocking the file sharing.  I can ping the other machine and vice versus.

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              "File Sharing" is not a safe way to share a FileMaker database and that's why I asked. It sounds like you have set up a shared folder and the different users can access the file by opening the shared file and double clicking it. This can corrupt your database file so you should stop doing this immediately if this is how you are opening the files. If you use Open from the File Menu to find the shared directory and open the file, the same warning applies, it can destroy your database system by damaging it.

              Sharing for FileMaker Pro should be enabled for the computer that hosts these files. Sharing should also be enabled for this file in the same dialog box. (You turn sharing on, then select the file in the list of open files and choose "all users".)

              Then, each of the other users should select "open remote" from the file menu to find the computer hosting the file and then select/open the hosted file.

              This should look and function identically for both Windows 7 and XP clients.