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Windows 7 will run ALL version of FMPRO doing this ...

Question asked by prokiddo on Nov 7, 2009


Windows 7 will run ALL version of FMPRO doing this ...


One of the many surprises MS has given us with Windows 7 is the ability,provided your hardware supports virtualization is the ability to setup and run XP Mode with sp3 under a virutal PC which Microsoft makes available for free at 


They have a utility you can run to test your hardware to ensure it runs virutal pc and xp mode sp3.


I have not tested this fully as I do not have an older version nor a demo copy - but in theory,  if whatever version you were using works with XP -- then it should work in Windows 7 running virutal pc with xp mode.


Basically, once you've installed virtual pc with xp mode.  You install fmpro version on your pc -- right click properties for the fmpro icon -- select the compatability tab, select xp sp3 compatability mode for said application and it will now run that app under the virtual pc/xp sp3 -- voila!


I dont have a copy of demo or older version, but for the daring, let me know if it works.