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Windows does not display referenced PDF?

Question asked by on Nov 11, 2010
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Windows does not display referenced PDF?


I have a calculation that results in a filepath to a PDF file and the results are set to container.  This works fine on the Mac but when all files are placed on a PC filemaker finds the file but displays an error in the container field displays"The file cannot be displayed Image.PDF".

I have use relative and absolute file paths and they all work on the mac platform just fine.  When the container does not find a file, the correct message of not finding the file is shown on both platforms.

Does XP,Vista and 7 not see a PDF file as a file it can display?  Then path is straight forward and in the same folder as the FM file but no changes to the format of the path ie "image" or "imagewin" etc makes any difference.

If I make the file a jpg or tif file then it works??