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Windows Import cache?

Question asked by PaulaS on Aug 5, 2014
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Windows Import cache?


     I'm working in a cross-platform environment; our server is Windows; all v11. A couple of weeks ago we moved to a new building (don't know if significant or coincidence). A script that had been pulling a FileMaker file from the server to import stopped working correctly for Windows users (Mac users have not experienced the problem).

     The purpose of the script is to export/import a list from one record to other records. The user has a list of issues in a portal on their page, they click "export" and it exports the list (small group of records) to a file using their account name - over-writing any file that's already there - out to a location on a company server. I have checked and it exports correctly.

     They go to another record, click "import" and it should import the records from that file. What it appears to be doing is importing from some old file I can't seem to find.

     Then, after a couple of hours, it will start importing the file it was supposed to.

     It's not linked to any particular record or file from what I can tell, so that leads me to think it's some sort of memory on a Windows machine.

     Any ideas?