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Windows Serevr 2008 64bit

Question asked by stephensammon on Oct 11, 2009
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Windows Serevr 2008 64bit & FM 10 Network Problems



I purchased the Filemaker Pro 10 Five User License Pack and have run into problems. Our Company recently upgraded to Windows Server 2008 using 64bit. There is a problem with the remote access to the other related databases. All users access the opening database layout menu consisting of several scripted buttons which bring the users to the other FM Pro 10 databases.

When the LAN user selects one of the scripted buttons on this opening database layout menu, it takes a very long time (2-3min’s), to open up the intended database. However, once this database is opened and the user navigates back to the opening layout menu to access the same scripted button, the database opens up immediately as it should.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.