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    Windows Service pack 3



      Windows Service pack 3


      I use FMPro developer 7.0 (I know it's a bit old) and am currently not able to copy the files from a flash drive and use the files on windows machines with Service Pack 3 installed.   Any fixes from Filemaker to make older versions of FileMaker developer compatible with SP3?  Microsoft sure isn't going to do anything. 

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          Are you saying you Use Filemaker Developer 7 on an XPsp3 machine, and the and the only files you have problems with are the ones copied to/from a flash drive?

          Do other FM files that are created an stay on the XPsp3 work?


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            There is no issue with SP3 that would cause this with FM files.

            Might sound stupid but got to ask so please forgive me...Have actually copied the files to the flash disk &  no just shortcuts?


            double check the file sizes on the flash disk



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              Thank you for your post.

              Your post is ambiguous and would be improved if you could provide a step by step  how-to for those of us that have trouble following a free form desciption.


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                How UN-ambiguous do you need from the posts?


                If you need instructions to basic fundamental things like checking file sizes on flash disks  or even if contents are  shortcuts & not files than I would suggest that you read the packing instructions for your machine so you can send it back to the manufacturer!


                If someone asks me if I want a cup of coffee I tell them how I like it(BTW White with no sugar) I do not expect to asked for instructions on how to use a kettle , a spoon or even  a water tap!!