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    Windows Status Bar


      Windows Status Bar


      How can I hide the Windows Status Bar when my solution opens?


      In Windows, there is a small row at the bottom of the application window. I'd like to be able to hide it, but there are no FileMaker script steps to do so. Are there any Send Event or Send DDE commands that will do the trick?


      Thanks, Hal

      Hal Gumbert  <hal@campsoftware.com> or <hal@mac.com> or <hal@me.com>

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          Thank you for your post.


          Under the View menu, turn off "Status Bar" (NOT "Status Area").  It defaults to checked/on.



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            Thanks for the suggestion, However, I am trying to do this automatically when my startup script runs. I should have been more specific. Just like Hide Status Area, I would like to be able to Hide the Status Bar via a script.


            Thanks, Hal 

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              Thanks for the clarification.  As I now re-read your original post, you did ask about a script step.  Sorry I missed that.


              Unfortunately, there is no script step to adjust the status bar, as this appears only in Windows and not in Mac OS.  The only option available to hide the Status Bar is through the View menu.


              This is a good product suggestion.  Please go to:




              I would fill in this form for you, but there are some specific questions asked that only you can answer.



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                Hello Hal,


                the following solution is far from perfect, but you can `toggle'  the status bar by running a small VBSript that through the "SendKeys" method will emulate the keyboard shortcuts.

                The only thing you need is a Gloabal Text field "vbs_gt" and a 2 step script.



                — Script —
                Set Field [ TableOccurence::vbs_gt ;
                        xFMLangs = "English¶French¶German¶Italian¶Swedish";
                        xStatusBarKeys = "vu¶ct¶au¶vb¶vä";

                        xAppLocale = Get( ApplicationLanguage );
                        xIndex =
                                Position( xFMLangs; xAppLocale; 1; 1 ) + Length( xAppLocale ) - 1
                        xSendThisKeys = GetValue( xStatusBarKeys; xIndex )

                    "Set SH = CreateObject(\"wscript.shell\" )¶" &
                    "SH.SendKeys \"" & ( "%" & xSendThisKeys ) & "\", True¶" &
                    "Set SH = Nothing¶" &

                Export Field Contents [ TableOccurence::vbs_gt; "ToggleStatusBar.vbs"; Automatically Open ]





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                  Wow! That's very cool.


                  Now, if there was just a way to know if it was visible or not, we would have a total solution!

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                    Now, if there was just a way to know if it was visible or not, we would have a total solution!

                    Hi Hal,

                    I totally agree with you, this would be a snap (as with AppleScript) if we could evaluate the property of a menu item ;

                    // using FM 9's library ...

                    tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"

                        -- get  the "checked" status of "Status Area" menu Item of menu "View"

                        if checked of menu item 13 of menu 4 is false then ...


                    // or it's verbose equivalent using `System Events'

                    tell application "System Events" to tell process "FileMaker Pro Advanced"
                        if value of attribute "AXMenuItemMarkChar" of menu item 13 of menu 1 of menu bar item 5 of menu bar 1 is not («data utxt2713» as Unicode text) then ...



                    A Windows solution probably exists (VBScript, JScript .Net ???) but I personnaly never found it.