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Windows XP to 7 and hosting

Question asked by DwayneLovelady on Jun 18, 2013
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Windows XP to 7 and hosting


     This is a bit of a far out chance for me, but perhaps someone can tell me how everything works and I can piece together some ideas.

     There is a team of people that are using filemaker pro 11. The way that they explain it, is the first person that opens the database up, is the host. From there, it looks like others connect and they do their work. That is the way it was explained to me.

     We recently upgraded a few machines to Windows 7, and when they are to host, no one can connect to them. My suspicion is that they aren't even visible, and therefore cannot connect.

     These machines are not using windows firewall. They do have firewall software installed in the form of Symantec Endpoint, however no firewall settings are being enforced on these particular machines.

     I was wondering if someone knew of a particular policy object, or service on the machine that would influence this. I don't see anything a-typical about the XP machines. I did see a knowledgebase article about hosting, but nothing seemed relevant to the differences between the machines.