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Windows: Changing FM APP default Printers

Question asked by jungovox on Jan 27, 2011


Windows: Changing FM APP default Printers


Hi all

I am back trouble shooting default printers for my scripts and a large building - I have scripts that print out reports for several staff members - years ago I had 3rd party solutions to change FM default printer ... but that option fell appart a few years back -

I can't use the 'print set up' script step to change the default printer and then change to another default printer in the same script - when I do the first 'print set up' script now shows the newly selected printer'

apparently the ONLY way to change the FILEMAKER app default printer  is to actually use the 'print' script step and actually print something -

is this true ?

also wondering if the 'print set up' script step is really that useful these days - the 'print' script set up seems to do most of what I need to do INCLUDING actually defining a network printer.