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    Wingding fonts question



      Wingding fonts question


           I am using the wingding fonts(symbols).  Any cautions regarding this before I get too far involved and have to undo it all.?


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               Just make sure that any computer that will access this database has windding fonts installed on it.

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                 And what are you using it for?  Are you trying to mask characters, for example?

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              Works great with conditional formatting. For example....you can grey it out or make those little symbols a particular color as needed.. I have flag on my invoice layout its normally grey until I click on it then it turns it to red and underneath the flag is a check Box which is not visible.  -J
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                     That's how I use Wingding type fonts. You can even use one as a "tick mark" in what looks like a check box and use conditional formatting to set the font size larger than 100 pts to make it disappear when such is needed.

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                       I forgot about the font size trick. 

                       Off of the subject...are you a Mac man or a PC?  I hear on Mac the whole filemaker solution is a lot more enjoyable.

                       Also is it me or is this site just "mega" slow.


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                         I use Windows, but that was due to a series of employers that are/were %100 windows rather than personal preference. I've owned macs in the past--my first personal computer whas an Apple IIc and I upgraded to a color mac from it and owned a series of them. I've used newer macs from time to time since.

                         I wouldn't say it's a "Lot more enjoyable", the differences bewteen systems when it comes to mac development aren't huge.

                         Window Management is a lot nicer in Mac systems as you don't have the god awful application window to deal with, but on the other hand, developing a solution on windows for use on both mac and windows systems is a lot less work than the reverse...

                         The the forum is "slower than Molasses in January". FileMaker Inc. is aware of this (I stay in touch with modman--the FileMaker Manager in charge of this forum), as is RightNow, but so far RightNow has simply delivered more bugs instead of a fix to the problem.