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Wireless Digital Photography and FileMaker

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jun 1, 2011
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Wireless Digital Photography and FileMaker


Here where I work, I'm finally getting the green light to start setting up a system for capturing digital photos of customers to enter into the database and link to specific purchase orders. This is a scrap metal dealership and we are required by law to take photos of certain customers and their scrap metal to keep on file with their PO.

Using FileMaker to manage the images isn't really a problem, though I will also be researching plug ins like Inside Scan to see if any will simplify this process. And yes FMGO with an iPhone or iPad isn't out of the question, but what I'm looking for in this post are any recomendations from users for a camera to use for this purpose.

A camera that can interface via a wireless link (blue tooth or WiFi for example) so we don't have to deal with cables and that is not too terribly expensive would be ideal. If you have used such a system please share your experiences, both good and bad here.