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With certain databases, FileMaker Pro won't quit

Question asked by MichaelDavis on Aug 26, 2010
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With certain databases, FileMaker Pro won't quit


We recently upgraded from FileMaker Pro (FMP) v6 to v9. (Yes, I know we're still behind the curve...I'm working on it.) Most of the process went fine. We did run into a sharing problem, but that was easily cured by defining a rule for the new version of FMP in the Mac OS X firewall. (All the users are on Mac OS X v10.4.11 or better.) A couple of the databases (DBs), after conversion, are behaving strangely. Any reasonable number of DBs can be open. If one of the "bad" DBs is one of these, though, and the user tries to quit FMP, the whole user interface just flickers. The only way out is to force quit FMP. As you can imagine, this isn't so great for a hosted DB. If the user thinks ahead enough not to quit, but to first close the well-behaved DBs, then there's only the bad DB to worry about at quitting time. Still, it would be nice if FMP could just be closed normally, regardless of the open DB(s). Ideas?