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Woes of a Common Table and its derivative Value List(s)

Question asked by Territan on Feb 12, 2013
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Woes of a Common Table and its derivative Value List(s)


     Hello folks. Just upgraded to 12, and like any child with a shiny hammer I'm pounding on every nail I can find. And one of them is pounding back.

     The table setup I've been trying to build includes four tables with a special and painful relationship:

  •           The Tags table only has two fields: a serialized number for id and a text string.
  •           The three other tables, GenelineTech, and Interface, each have three fields Tag1Tag2, and Tag3, which need to have a relationship wtih the Tags field.
  •           The three TagX fields within any given record should all refer to different Tags, but any given Tag can be referenced by any number of records. I specifically want the Tags table to contain no repeats.
  •           Ideally, I'd like to compile a canonical list of tags within Tags, to use as a dictionary and reference, and to search for all items that reference a specific Tag.

     And this has been frustrating me. For instance, there are a set of fourteen Tags that will be common among a lot of those records, but selecting one of those from the list will either attempt to create a duplicate record in Tags or, if I have "no duplicates" checked in the table's definition, it prevents me from moving focus off of that record.

     Can anyone spare advice for someone who feels reasonably competent with Filemaker, but still apparently has a lot to learn? If I'm not explaining this enough, please ask questions too.