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Won't go to related records.

Question asked by CaitlinMcKelvie on Nov 6, 2013
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Won't go to related records.


     I have a table in my database called evaluators instructors. We have two different types of workshops, and evaluations. I have three different table occurrences of this table. Each table then associates with "Workshop A" "Workshop B" or "Evaluation".

     In order to view the evaluators and instructors all together, I have set up three layouts, with each of my table occurrences as the main table. I then have buttons on the layouts that goes to the related records from the other two table occurrences. The layouts all look the same, so the user cannot tell the difference. On the layouts, there is a portal that shows all of the evaluations/ workshops that the person did.

     The problem that I am running into is that on the Layout for Workshop A, the button to go to the related record in Workshop B works, but the button to go to the related record in Evaluations doesn't. The same goes for Workshop B, the button to Workshop A works, but the button to Workshop B doesn't. On the Evaluations layout, the buttons to go to Workshop A and B don't work. 

     Everything is set up the same on all of the layouts. All of the TO's are from the same table. All of my buttons are set up the same, they go to a related record in _____ layout matching only the current record. All three layouts are literally identical except for where the portal comes from and what TO it is associated with. I cannot seem to figure out why the Evaluations buttons aren't working. Thanks!