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Won't recognize Bento 3

Question asked by johngrigni on Nov 17, 2010
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Won't recognize Bento 3


I use a script to do a semi-regular import of data from Bento (my Mac Address Book to be specific). I recently tried to use it and was told I need Bento 2 or later installed. I have Bento 3 installed, it works fine.

If you open Bento before you try the script (or try to import manually), it just says to close Bento. I close Bento, and it's back to saying I need Bento 2 or later installed.

Even weirder, if I then try to open Bento (after trying import, while FMP is open) it says "Bento is already open" and "Click the Bento icon in the dock or quit FileMaker Pro." I have to quit FMP to get Bento back.

I know this worked flawlessly before, is anyone else getting this problem? There were a slew of recent updates, from security updates for 10.6 (I'm running 10.6.5 on a 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 iMac) to MobileMe.