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Word bank?

Question asked by icecreamboy on May 6, 2010
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Word bank?




I'm using FM11 Pro Advanced, on Windows XP.


I was wondering, is there any way to create a kind of word bank? I'm doing a project for doctors and sometimes words can get difficult to remember or spelling may be difficult, but the point is, I would like to create something to the effect of this description:


There could be a button somewhere, that upon clicking, maybe a small window pops up with a list of pre-defined words. Clicking on any of the words will insert that word as text into the last field that was active. For example, I'm typing up some notes in a "Notes" field and I come to a part where I need to insert SomeComplicatedWord. I'll click on the button, the list of words will come up, and when I click on SomeComplicatedWord, it'll be inserted into the "Notes" field where I was working on.


This is an example, but the button/list of words could be a drop-down list or something. Does anyone have a solution for this? (I don't know but I feel the tricky part might be the last-active-field part. If this isn't possible, is it at least possible to have the rest, but the field that the text is inserted into is pre-defined?)


Thanks for any help, I appreciate it :)