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WordCount Problem

Question asked by jasongan on Sep 17, 2013
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WordCount Problem


     Hi Forum,

     I have problem to find out how many words in my language list.

     $lang_List="SE-SF PF-PE SE"

     WordCount(  substitute ( $lang_list; " "; ¶)) = 5  ??   But I need it to be equal to 3 for my script logic.

      I know WordCount will count the ampersand (&) and hyphen (-) characters for a beginning of a new word. 


     Getvalue(substitute("SE-SF PF-PE SE";" ";¶);1) =SE-SF

     Getvalue(substitute("SE-SF PF-PE SE";" ";¶);2)=PF-PE

     Getvalue(substitute("SE-SF PF-PE SE";" ";¶);3)=SE

     Getvalue(substitute("SE-SF PF-PE SE";" ";¶);4) is Empty

     Getvalue(substitute("SE-SF PF-PE SE";" ";¶);5) is Empty

     Does it make sense?  If you say 5 words inside, why the 4th and 5th are empty and counted?
     Please advise with a solution.
     Thank you,