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    Wordpress to FileMaker Pro



      Wordpress to FileMaker Pro


      Hi Eveyone

      I have a client that wants to populate tables in filmaker pro with tables from wordpress mysql - information about purchases and users/members. I am pretty experienced using wordpress but I'm not familiar with this process at all. Can anyone of you Filemaker Pro enthusiasts suggest how I might go about achieving this or at least provide some suggestions as a starting point.

      I would be really grateful for any input at all

      Thanks  Phil


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          What kind of "populate"? A one time data import or periodic updates?

          Don't know anything about WordPress, but you should be able to set up some kind of records import that works. I'd investigate the following options in the following order if I were in your place:

          Import via ODBC connection to the WordPress tables (need a driver that works for WordPress)
          XML import
          Other typical data file imports such as CSV or Tab delimitted files genarated by an export from WordPress.