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Work and Order Schedule form excel file HELP PLEASE

Question asked by SzymonHajduk on Jun 29, 2015
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Work and Order Schedule form excel file HELP PLEASE


Hi I’m new in Filemaker, but I see lot of advantages using this solution.

I have two similar excel one is work schedule and next one is order schedule. I would like to have them in FM. My problem Is to build database which keep the visual and functionality of excels



The main part of this excel (SCHEUDLE) is connecting dates, workers and type of work to do. I would like to keep the visual form of this excel but it should work as a database. Work to do is editable list of work type. At the upfront you can see date, week day and time start of each shift, colors are pointing different line production (usually there are 2 shifts day/night and we have to lines block line and trey line also there are something like work on empting trays )  Below the main part is dictionary to translate contraction ( OL/K is operator of blocking line, W/PUSTE  is forklift on empty side etc. ) and some extra info about production. I will translate last sheudle and add hole excel here.

Also I did some pivot table to calculate how often my worker work on each post. It is on GRAF


                At this excel we have similar situation. (I need to delete sensitive data I only keep date  from the last month MAY 2016). On the left side you have clients which are extra sorted by type of product they take (BLOCKS /  BULK / TRAY ). At the upfront we have dates months, days, week number, total weekly production by product, total day production by product. Last row (IV) is total season order for each client. The main cell is fill with amount of product to do. I should be something like popup menu with order details ( amount of product, order specification, transport specification I will edit that later on )


Please help me build such SHEDULES, I can’t figure out how to start ?