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    Work in progress display



      Work in progress display



      I have a script, where FM compares two files. It take quite a while because there are many records and every recorde is tested 4 times....


      is it possible to have a windows which displays the work in progress, like "record 45 of 398" 

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          If Record 45 is the current record and 398 is the number of records in your found set, you can use the Insert Menu while in layout mode to insert layout text symbols onto your layout that show the current record number and the foundcount. You can combine these with layout text to get "record 45 of 398".

          Assuming that your script is looping, you can add either a Refresh Window script step or a Pause/resume script step to the loop to make the window update to show the change in record number. With pause/resume, you'd specify a pause of less than a second.