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Work order/Repair Queuing with filemaker

Question asked by L-dubb on Mar 19, 2010
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Work order/Repair Queuing with filemaker


I own and operate a fairly busy cell phone repair shop. Currently all work orders are taken by hand and attached to the phone. The phone is then placed in a specific "awaiting repair" area if it cannot be repaired immediately. And if it requires parts that we need to order, we keep the paperwork with the phone and place it in another "waiting for parts" section. We scribble our notes in the margins of the paper work order when need be.


I would like a way to digitize this and have a central repair queu software that my techs can look at to see whats going on with a phone, and at what phase of the repair it is at. I would like to be able to add notes during the course of a repair, and close it out once the repair is finished and the phone has been picked up. With the paper method we use now, phones get placed in the wrong area and is extremely prone to human error. Especially when the tech that worked the day before is not working today.


Is filemaker capable of doing this? I see that it has invoicing, task management, and issue tracking. But none of it seems to really be what I am looking for. Can anyone clarify it or suggest something to me?