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Work Shifts Calender

Question asked by NilsMortenAlexandersen on Oct 2, 2012
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Work Shifts Calender


     Good Morning

     I have used the FM Tasks DB as a template for a Task Management system for my workplace. I want to include the ability to create a Work Shifts list (not sure if my translation is correct here)

     Let me explain ...

     I am the leadere of a small workgroup with 7 people, that does IT support for a Video Production system in the News department of a national broadcaster. We work shifts (one week each). All members are already been registered in the Tasks DB Contacts Table

     What is the best way to set up a DB that does the following

  •           on January the 1th. each year automatically creates 53 new posts (one for each week of the year) for the next year, so that the Shifts calender can be prepeared in advance ...
              Each post must include Year, Week Nr., Name and Replacement fields. The Year and Week nr. fields must be automatically filled with data.
  •           Let's me create 53 posts for a spesific year, to maintain a history record of Shifts
              We have old shifts lists that we want to include, so that management can check for awho was in charge on a spesific week on a spesific year


     I hope someone can help me


     Cheers    Nils ...