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Work time calculation

Question asked by LynnRogers on Aug 7, 2013
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Work time calculation


     Hey everybody'

      I need a time calculation the can return 30 minute intervals as ".5". I am using FM pro 12 advance and my DB has a "Start Work", "Start Lunch", "End Lunch" & "End Work" fields. example

     Start Work           8:00                        Start Work          8:00                                Start Work         800:00

      Start Lunch       12:00                       Start Lunch      12:00                               Start Lunch

     End Lunch        12:30                        End Lunch       12:30                               End Lunch

     End Work           4:30                         End Work          4:00                                 End Work         1430:00

     Hours Worked    8.0                          Hours Worked   7.5                                  Hours Worked      6.5

     Military times works just as good and maybe better because I want need AM/PM

     Thanks for any help