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Work with busy dates

Question asked by on Sep 1, 2014
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Work with busy dates


Hello Everyone!


I am working with a booking table and a season table. Each season either low, medium or high has a start and end date.

When I do a reservation and I write the start date of the booking, I want that the name of the season appear automatically.

For example: High season: start date 01/01/2015, end date 07/31/2015. If I book on 02/13/2015 corresponds to the high season, so I want that the words "High Season" appear in the field "Season".


On the other hand, I have a discount field in the seasons table. But the discount is only applied if there are not rented apartments.

For example: There are 4 apartments but none is rented for 02/13/2015, then the discount is total income minus total * discount (the seasons table) / 100. But if at least 1 apartment is rented the discount is 0. 

This can be done?


Thanks in advance