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Workflow Design

Question asked by Terri on Nov 5, 2012
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Workflow Design


     I'm attempting to make somewhat of a workflow for our process within Filemaker. There are a few "stages" a record needs to go through and I want to somehow mark a stage complete based on actions by the user. For example:
     I have a layout that shows items from the style table. On that layout I also have a portal that shows all the colors associated with that style. I need Department #1 to populate a field on each of those portal records by selecting from a drop-down menu. Once all the records in that portal, for that style, are marked (each field is populated) then I want that style to be marked "Done." The problem is, the number of colors associated to each style varies. Also, I have a filter on the portal so not all the colors are visible, it is based on their status. So although there may be 5 colors shown, there may actually be 10 colors associated with that style.  
     Any ideas on how to accomplish this? I want to avoid the user needing to manually mark each record done, but if that is the only solution, that is what we will do.