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    Workflow Design



      Workflow Design


           I'm attempting to make somewhat of a workflow for our process within Filemaker. There are a few "stages" a record needs to go through and I want to somehow mark a stage complete based on actions by the user. For example:
           I have a layout that shows items from the style table. On that layout I also have a portal that shows all the colors associated with that style. I need Department #1 to populate a field on each of those portal records by selecting from a drop-down menu. Once all the records in that portal, for that style, are marked (each field is populated) then I want that style to be marked "Done." The problem is, the number of colors associated to each style varies. Also, I have a filter on the portal so not all the colors are visible, it is based on their status. So although there may be 5 colors shown, there may actually be 10 colors associated with that style.  
           Any ideas on how to accomplish this? I want to avoid the user needing to manually mark each record done, but if that is the only solution, that is what we will do.

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               Mark the related records by entering a 1 into a number field in that table. This can be done with a check box that enters a 1 and you resize the field to hide the one and provide layout text next to it to identify what is selected when you click the check box.

               Then the following is true only if all related records have a 1 entered into that field:

               Sum ( RelatedTable::CheckBoxField ) = Count ( RelatedTable::NeverEmptyField )