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Working around Filemaker native dialogs

Question asked by Frinholp on Dec 20, 2010
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Working around Filemaker native dialogs


I have tried my best to code around Filemaker native dialogs. In some cases quite easily, others eventually successful, a few I quit fighting.

One of the instances where I'm losing my fight is in find mode where Filemaker insists on throwing its dialog when a field is exited (tabbed etc) and there is invalid search criteria entered in the search field. 

I have managed to prevent Filemaker from displaying its own dialog by capturing the error by using the OnObjectValidate script trigger to rectify the data before Filemaker complains. This prevents the native dialog to be displayed but Filemaker still stores the the keypress (tab, return etc) in cache and moves to next field. Is there anyway of emptying the cache or halting its native function to prevent moving to the next field once the OnObjectValidate trigger has been fired?

Another instance where this is causing trouble, but probably easier to solve, is where a constrained set or found set contains no results. Filemaker likes to inform me that no records meet the criteria set in the find. I'm asking this as I have allowed the function of archiving records which means I need to find only records where an archived field is set to null or left blank. If all records have been archived, when refreshing the found set there are no records to be found (as all are archived) and Filemaker dispalys its native message about no records to be found. How can I prevent this?

Thanks in advance