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Working Between Layouts on the Same Record

Question asked by EmmettOliver on Aug 15, 2011
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Working Between Layouts on the Same Record


Hi all,

I have two layouts "Report" and "Family" where "Report" is the parent table's layout and "Family" is the related table's layout.  The problem I have is navigation back and forth between the two on the same record, which is tied to __kp_ReportID = _kf_ReportID.  I have buttons on each layout to toggle back and forth between the two.  I have the "Family" button on the "Report" layout going to the correct record using a GTRR script, but I cannot get the "Report" button the "Family" layout to work.  I've tried GTRR and the following too:

Set Variable [$Criteria;Value:Family::_kf_ReportID]

Go To Layout ["Report" (Report)]

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [Report::__kp_ReportID; $Criteria]

Perform Find []

I kind of need that to work because in some instances we may be searching the db with only a name on the "Family" layout, which after a find, we'll need to go to the "Report" layout for that record to get the information needed.  I hope that makes sense.  Thanks, Emmett