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    Working in list view - display issue



      Working in list view - display issue


      I set up a list view to mimmick an interface I am using. It's a work in progress. Anyway, the problem I am running into is specifically in list view I get a very unprofessional result. Wasn't sure if there is a fix for this or if I need a new design solution. Basically I have it setup so it continues the same graphics down the left and right side using autosize and anchoring tools. The problem comes in when there are minimum results. Because the list view only repeats what's in the body, when I have my window at it's standard size it has a huge gap between the body and footer. This is not a problem when it returns up to four or five plus results but at a 1,2,3 it looks unprofessional. Is there a way I can continue my graphics down the left and right hand side when there are no records. Basically when a search returns one or two results. I attached an image to hopefully illustrate what I am talking about. Thanks for any feedback on this.


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          Change your Footer into a Trailing Grand Summary part and the gap should disappear. Of course, you will no longer see the bottom after you have enough records that the Trailing Grand Summary is pushed past the bottom of your screen...

          The solution might be to have two layouts, one with a Trailing Grand Summary and one with a Footer, but identical in all other respects. A triggered script might be devised that checks the number of records in your found set and switches layouts as appropriate.

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            That worked perfectly. Thanks so much. Good idea with the second laoyout. I might consder that but the fix you provided should be sufficient for now. I am OK with the vertical scroll bar in list view since that is an expected behavior in multiple results.

            Thanks for help.