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Working like other RDBMS

Question asked by Haseeb on Nov 3, 2009
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Working like other RDBMS


As I am new in FM development. Had a training on FM Development. Also have experience SQL Server, Oracle, Access, FoxPro.
From my understanding, FM is mostly click/drag-m-drop based friendly application development engine. Where Relationship and Table Occurrences are the main base for all type of processing and calculation.

Bearing the above background, my thoughts are still stick to Stored Procedures, SQLs, batch updates, Triggers.

I do not have problem with Catalog, Archive type databases because those type of databases uses less functions/calculations/processing of batch records.

But when I think about building financial type where Monthly,Yearly processing is needed or lets think about this Forum. This forum has lots of totals/numbers, linking to topics etc. features.

So is there any one who can guide me to the right path to show the secret/best practise of FM development.
Or you can share some example sites for most common type data processing and solutions.

Thanks in advance.