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working out calculations

Question asked by JustinEdwards on Sep 22, 2011
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working out calculations


I need help, I have been looking at Bento 4 or Filemaker pro to sort out a few CSV documents and organise things. However I seem to have the problem when it comes to working out calculations. 


What I want to do it for example:


I have a field called "amount" which shows an amount. I then have a field which is called "description" which shows where the payment is from, what  I want is to create a multi-choice option field called "type" however instead of me clicking in each one and selecting the type I want it to work out the type by the description for example:


If the "description" field contains "665" I know if "wages in/out" 


If the "description" contains "tesco" its "living expenses


I have been trying to find a way to set this up in both programs and can't find a way, i also need the same answer for a similar project in which I need it to work out from the item title what the weight is or from the price work out the weight so say:


If £9 needs to equal 200g


Please help as i'm very new to this and seems to be taking a lot of my time trying to work out the best way of tackling this.