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    Working with a converted .dbf file



      Working with a converted .dbf file


      I converted a .dbf file from my PC ACT! database program.  The converted file has columns headed "UniqueID", "CTIME", "ETIME", etc.

      Can I delete those columns filled with what appears to be gibberish?

      Once I do that how do I use the remaining converted file?   Is this now my database file or is there something else I must do?  I have iMAC Snow Leopard running FileMaker pro 11.

      I'm afraid I purchased more powerful software than I needed but once I can figure out how to do the limited things I need to do, I'll be fine.  I want to use the converted database file to print labels from time to time.

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          You should be able to use Import Records in FileMaker to import the data in this file into FileMaker with the new table option to create a new table for this data in your FileMaker file. I think you'll see an option to treat the first row as the field names. If you select that option, the first row will not be imported as data into your table, but the fields in your table will now have the names shown in this row. If you don't select that option, this first row will be imported as data and you can delete it after the import. Your fields would then have generic names like field1, field2 after the import. With either option, you can open Manage | Database | Fields after the import and change the names of the field however you need to.

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            I appreciate your reply.  However, I am a rank amateur with this software and do not see the options you mentioned.  Maybe FMPro 11 is different?  Here is what I have done:

            In "file" menu I selected "New Database".

            Then I named the new database and opened it.

            In "file" menu I selected "Import Records" and selected the .dbf file I want to import.

            The window that popped up is an Import Field Mapping window and none of those options you mentioned appeared.  I tried to attach a screen shot here for you but it didn't insert it here as I expected.

            Bottom line, I think I should go to Mac store and see if an expert can import this file.  I greatly appreciate your taking the time to answer my question, however. 

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              My suggestions where in context of FileMaker 11.

              In that Field Mapping dialog, there's a drop down at top right for selecting the table into which you want to import the data. If you click on that drop down, there's an option at the bottom of this list for importing into a new table.

              From a test I just ran, you won't see an option for treating the first row as field names, FileMaker appears to do that automatically with DBF files.

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                Moving forward with your latest response I imported the .dbf into the new table file.  Now I guess I have to go through and edit the layout because the names appear in "altcity", the street address in "alt state", etc.  And the cell phone numbers, work phone numbers are not showing up at all.  Frown  Just the home phone numbers are there.

                I enjoy learning new skills but this is getting painful. Laughing  I have to learn telecom software to train end users and system administrators on using it but this is a different thing entirely.