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Working with a tall hierarchy and fiscal years

Question asked by TimothySlinks on Sep 22, 2011
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Working with a tall hierarchy and fiscal years


I have a situation with a hierarchy like this:


Each umbrella has many orgs.
Each org has many clients.
Each client has many projects.

So, starting from the bottom, I just link each project to a clientID, each client to an orgID, each org to an umbrellaID, and all the umbrellas to a reports table. A project only has a clientID match, and can view the related info all the way up to its umbrella. I want to keep it this way--projects don't have match fields for orgs or umbrellas--because that info shouldn't be input on the project level.

Is this bad practice?

Now: is it possible to make calculations and view portals based on a the year the project existed in?

For example, the ORG layout has a portal to its related PROJECTS. But a year from now, I will want to view just that year's projects. Also, there are calculations that total up revenue for that level in the hierarchy (total billable for this ORG).

The problem is that a project doesn't have an org field or umbrella field because a client may be part of the org "Unknown" when the project is made. When the client is assigned to his correct org, I want that to automatically reflect in the project. So without those fields to match project table occurrances to the upper tables, I think i'm boned.

Am I boned?

How is this usually solved? This would be easy if the data was always input from top to bottom (umbrella to project), but that isn't the case.


Any advice or slaps on the back of the head are appreciated! We're sticking with FMP 10, so no portal filtering.