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    Working With Audio In Container Fields



      Working With Audio In Container Fields


      Greetings, Everyone.


      Working on Windows with FM6.


      I've defined a container field into which I've inserted a .wav sound file. I wrote a simple script--  go to the field, select/perform. No problem. Sound plays when the script is performed.


      Question is, what can I add to the script so the sound stops playing when I move to another layout or close the database.

      Or, alternatively, can I somehow write another script that would connect to another button that would pause the sound, resume the sound, and/or quit the sound?


      Probably something simple, but I can't seem to wrap my head around it right now. Thanks much for any assistance. Take care.




      P.S. By the way, as long as I'm logged on here... Has anyone been working with Windows 7 and Filemaker 10? How's it going? Thinking of upgrading to both. Thanks.

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          Steve Wright

          Im not sure that you can script it, I get a 'busy' mouse cursor whilst the sound is playing (in FM10 anyway)

          On Filemaker 10, pressing ESC stops the sound being played if that helps...


          Re Windows 7, I rolled back to vista because of a crashing issue when scrolling scripts.  
          Until FM fix that, I would not recommend Windows 7 for developing in FM 10.  Ive had no trouble on Vista x64 


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            Thanks, SW.


            I know what you mean about the "busy" mouse cursor. I've found if you click off the screen somewhere, the mouse is active again. Still, I'm with you, not sure what to do about an "off" script.


            Any other thoughts, anyone? Thanks much.