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    Working with charts



      Working with charts


      I've developed a program with the need of a Chart. For this chart I have a portal with the Name of the Person, Companyl, Date and Chart number. I need to have something to let me know the number it "Peeked" at, the date it "Peeked" and how many weeks it was on the Chart. Is this possible?


      I would also like to know how fix it so that when it charts in the top 25 the numbers will be one color, top 10 another color and # one another color.


      Thanks for your help.


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             I believe more information here. However, have you looked at the Max () function to get you started?
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            Howdy smokey,


            It sounds like a Top40 music chart-type-thing.


            Mr. vodka is correct...more info is needed about your structure, but let me make some assumptions:


            Parent = Person/Company table



            Child = Chart status table (portal into Parent layout)


                 Rating (Chart#) 


            If every week, you enter a new line in the portal for all of the 'Top 40' people, then what you're after is fairly direct.  Assuming that #1 is best and #40 is worst, the "Peak" would be a calculation field on the Parent table of Min(Child::Rating).  The date would be the corresponding date of that child record.  How many weeks it was on the 'Top40 chart' would be Count(Child::Rating), since the weeks that it wasn't on the chart would not have a child entry.


            I haven't worked with conditional formatting (I'm on FMP8 usually) but perhaps there is a text format condition that could be applied to the "Rating" field within the portal?  Not sure here...just guessing and assuming...and willing to be corrected.