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    working with container fields



      working with container fields



      This will probably sound like a strange request ...

      I want to create a container "list" that will display on a single line, similar to Substitute(List(y::Name);¶;", ") which makes a list from table y in table z and converts it to a line with commas...

      Except I want to display an image from table y, instead of text. I was wondering about a repeating field and a custom function, but a list of a container field only shows its filename.

      It may not be doable, but I thought I'd put it out there.


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          A horizontal list of container fields from a related table is possible, but not with the commas. Don't really see why it'd make sense to use them here anyway.

          Set up a one row portal to table occurrence 7 and put your container field in the portal row. You can resize the portal row to make it taller and wider to fit whatever proportions are needed for your container field.

          Duplicate this portal and container field. Put the copy in line next to the first portal. Now use portal setup to set this one row portal to display the second portal row.

          Repeat this process until you have the needed row of portals on your layout.

          This, BTW, is called a "horizontal portal".

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            Thanks for a quick solution! I never thought of using such small limiting portals.

            You have a lot of great ideas about this thing called Filemaker!

            BTW, I was only using commas in my text example; I wasn't wanting to use them with images.

            Thanks again