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Working with data

Question asked by PaulWebb on Nov 20, 2011
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Working with data


Let me start by saying I'm a baby developer. Only 2 wks old and still working with my trial version.

Before the appropriate group will give me read access to the DB that houses all data I am having to use an excel file to import my data. The data is trouble tickets and all supporting info. The data I am having trouble with is in regards to hardware returns called RMA. Each RMA has a unique number tied to it. The problem I am having is if an RMA has a field with multiple values it is repeated over several rows in the excel file. I was successful in creating a portal to show unique RMA numbers but now I am trying to show all related data.

Example data

RMA # Part Serial #
1234 PWR Block PWR678
1234 Fan ---
9876 Blade bl34gh

I have a small excel file if it helps or I can provide a screen shot of the data. Ay help, recommendaions, websites, books, training... would be appreciated.