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Working with dates

Question asked by Jon1009 on Dec 23, 2010
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Working with dates


Hello All,

I have a database for logging samples in. I have the following tables structer

Jobsheet                     Samples                      Sites                        Classification

JSID ----------[ = ]--------JSID                             SID ----------[ = ]--------SID

                                     SID ----------[ = ]--------SID

DateTime                     Result                                                          Start Date

                                     Out                                                            Finish Date


What Iam trying to do is each sample is related to a site and though out the year each site result changes depending on the month

for example site 1         from (StartDate) 01/01/2011 to (FinishDate) 01/04/2011 (Result) = B

                                     from (StartDate) 02/04/2011 to (FinishDate) 01/12/2011 (Result) = C

I have these dates listed in the Classification table.

I would like to somehow check the result in Sample Tables is correct for the time of year via the date of test in the Jobsheet table and change the Out field to alert me of this

What would be the best way to achive this?